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APS obligations

APS is the Dutch abbreviation for 'Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten' (General Pension Fund St. Maarten).

APS is charged with the task of administering the pension of civil servants, teachers and employees of other government-related organizations in St. Maarten. APS is guided by various legislation and regulations among which is the national ordinance "Pensioenlandsverordening Overheidsdienaren" (AB 2013, GT no. 785).

APS organizational structure

APS falls under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Finance and is headed by a board of directors consisting of five individuals.

Investment Committee

APS has an investment committee consisting of three members. The committee contributes to the formulation of an investment policy and advises on investment opportunities for the fund. Similarly as with the board, members of the investment committee are appointed to their positions by the Minister of Finance.


APS accommodates investment opportunities on Sint Maarten, Curacao and other locations throughout the region and internationally. Each investment opportunity is unique and requires thorough review.

The investment committee advises the APS board of directors on how to invest the funds that are managed by the organization. APS advocates the achieving of the highest possible returns through prudent investments of the fund's assets.

Pension fund participants and stakeholders can rest assured that careful consideration is given to each investment opportunity, in order to safeguard payment of future pensions.

Potential investors are invited to go to the download section for an overview of minimum criteria for local investment opportunities. Also included with the download is a checklist with information required for potential investment.
(Click here for APS Investment criteria for investment)